Check Out Our New Commercial!

Hello Friends!

We hope that you doing well and that you are enjoying the lovely days of fall. About this time last year, our teams began talking about revamping our website. We decided to work with Sharp Innovations on creating this beautifully crafted, easy to browse new website that you are on today. When we began talks with Sharp about the content that we wanted on our new site, one new item that we desired was a compelling video to explain the unique product that we create here at Sylvan Brandt and what it will bring to your home. We were reffered to Cap Collective to help us achieve this important new feature.

We reached out to a longtime, loyal customer who has our Weatherboard flooring throughout her gorgeous home in Berwyn, PA and she graciously agreed to allow us to takeover her home for a day of filming. (Sidenote: this is the second time this customer has invited us into her home. Here’s some pictures from the first time!) With actors in tow, Cap Collective came to the house with the intentions of capturing a family naturally living in the warmth of a home filled with the rich history of reclaimed wood. The beauty of reclaimed wood is that you are bringing nature into your home through historic wood that was used by early Americans to build this hardworking nation that we’re apart of. That’s what we offer and that’s that we wanted to convey through this video. We’re so appreciative of Cap Collective for their handiwork and expertise at crafting this video for us, the actors for doing a great job looking like a cute family, and our customer who willingly opened their home to us…for the second time!

We’d love to here your feedback. Enjoy the video and PLEASE SHARE!