Help Us Spread The Message of Christmas!

Welcome back to the Sylvan Brandt blog! We’re so grateful that you tune in and stay up to date with what’s going on around our shop. I only have a few items to cover this week, but it’s good that you stopped by because you don’t want to miss them!

Christmas Is Only 41 Days Away!

Can you believe that?! I don’t know how, but this holiday season always seems to sneak up on me. Regardless, it’s one of our favorite times of the year around the Sylvan Brandt family. In just one week we’ll be gathering around the table with our family to recount the many blessings that God has given to us this year … and to overeat. Both are good 😉 And then before you know it, Christmas trees will be up, stockings will be hung, and the Christmas music will begin to play (unless you’ve already started!).

Well, as I mentioned, we love the Christmas season and celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. No matter what your situation is, we hope that you’ll be able to slow down and remember that we give because He gave. We are firm believers that through this love story in which God sent His only Son to Earth for our sake, we have the privilege of experiencing the ultimate peace and joy that a relationship with Jesus offers us. So…let’s tell others about it! To help spread this beautiful message, we are pleased to again be selling beautiful lawn decor that are made by a local craftsman. Below you will see pictures with a price of the items that we have for sale. Check them out!

The most exciting part about purchasing these yard signs from Sylvan Brandt is that all of the proceeds will go directly to our non-profit, the Jack Reich Memorial Fund, which provides scholarships to two church camps. Camp Conquest in Denver,PA and River Of Life in Irasburg, VT, both of which we have served alongside for many years and highly value their programs.

Check Out Our Most Recent Build!

Please pardon the poor image quality, but it was really hard to get a good picture of this massive bar top. It measures 18″ wide and is 3′ x 10′ x 6′, made from Reclaimed White Pine Barn Floor Planks. The customer went back and forth about whether or not to buy the material and build it themselves or to have us complete the whole piece and ultimately decided that they trusted us more with making a beautiful product. If you can’t tell from the picture, the bar is located in the customers basement and it was thought to be able to be brought down the steps, but after a couple attempts it was clear that it would not fit :/ Luckily they had perfectly sized windows in the basement that we were able to maneuver it through, with only a few minor dings. In the end, they were SUPER happy and I’d say it looks pretty amazing! What do you think?

We have the ability to build you tables, countertops, and other simple builds and would love to chat with you about your dream product! Visit us in person or start the conversation via email at We look forward to working with you!

-Dates To Remember-

  • Thursday, Nov. 23rd – CLOSED for Thanksgiving!
  • Friday Nov. 24th & Saturday Nov. 25th – SHOP SMALL! Small Business Saturday (and Friday, ’cause why not?!) is a day that we’re all encouraged to shop at our local stores in order to support the local economy. We’re so grateful for our local community and hope that you’ll consider browsing our Antiques and wood products ALL YEAR in order to continually be improving our local culture.

That’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by. Please keep in touch by commenting, calling, emailing, or visiting our Showroom and Mill located in Lititz, PA. Cheers! 

Important Dates, SALE, And Another Commercial.

Hey! I hope everyone is enjoying the transition from summer to fall…finally. I think it’s actually here to stay in Lancaster County. We’ve gone back and fourth from highs in the 70’s to highs in the 50’s, but I think we’re finally going to have consistent fall weather. With that comes a lot of exciting news to finish out 2017. We wouldn’t be a business without you, so we look forward to joining forces with you to celebrate this holiday season and create the dream space that you’ve always wanted. So here’s what’s coming up…

– Dates To Keep In Mind –

  • Now until December 24th – Our Christmas yard signs are now on sale! Next week’s post will highlight these elegant designs that help to spread some Christmas cheer 🙂
  • Friday & Saturday, November 10th & 11th – Come celebrate Veterans Day with us as we offer 10% off to all active and retired military!
  • Thursday, November 23rd – THANKSGIVING! We will be closed.

If you’ve been thinking about ordering some Wide Oak from your favorite flooring company, now’s the time! We’ve been blessed with many Narrow Oak orders in the recent months (Thank You Jesus!), but with that comes a lot of wide boards that you just cannot bear the thought of ripping into narrow boards. So we’ve been stock piling and now would like to offer a deal to YOU.

For a limited time only, place an order of either Resawn or Rustic Wide Oak and receive 15% OFF! 

(*Up to a $1,000 discount)

Yes, We Made Another Commercial!

A few months ago we were approach by a local ad agency (I guess that’s what you’d call them…just go with it;) about having a commercial made about our business to be shown in hotels around Lancaster County. So when a visitor is sitting in their room or in the lobby of the hotel, this video scrolls through the different towns in our county and presents various shops and attraction in that area. So with the focus of the video being our Antiques Loft, we dove in! A film crew came out for a day, shot some footage, and put together a beautiful and informational video about what we have to offer. Check it out!


What did you think? Comment below and let us know. We’d love to hear from you and meet you in person. Visit our Contact page for all the info you’ll need.

Thanks for following along! Have a great week!

Check Out Our New Commercial!

Hello Friends!

We hope that you doing well and that you are enjoying the lovely days of fall. About this time last year, our teams began talking about revamping our website. We decided to work with Sharp Innovations on creating this beautifully crafted, easy to browse new website that you are on today. When we began talks with Sharp about the content that we wanted on our new site, one new item that we desired was a compelling video to explain the unique product that we create here at Sylvan Brandt and what it will bring to your home. We were reffered to Cap Collective to help us achieve this important new feature.

We reached out to a longtime, loyal customer who has our Weatherboard flooring throughout her gorgeous home in Berwyn, PA and she graciously agreed to allow us to takeover her home for a day of filming. (Sidenote: this is the second time this customer has invited us into her home. Here’s some pictures from the first time!) With actors in tow, Cap Collective came to the house with the intentions of capturing a family naturally living in the warmth of a home filled with the rich history of reclaimed wood. The beauty of reclaimed wood is that you are bringing nature into your home through historic wood that was used by early Americans to build this hardworking nation that we’re apart of. That’s what we offer and that’s that we wanted to convey through this video. We’re so appreciative of Cap Collective for their handiwork and expertise at crafting this video for us, the actors for doing a great job looking like a cute family, and our customer who willingly opened their home to us…for the second time!

We’d love to here your feedback. Enjoy the video and PLEASE SHARE!

Fall, Flooring, Fall, Flooring, CHRISTMAS!

Hello Fall! This past week we welcomed the cooler temps with open arms here at Sylvan Brandt. While, of course, every season is special, there’s just something to be said about putting on comfy clothes, sipping warm drinks, and spending time outside in the fall season. So grab your favorite coffee, latte, or if you’re  a wanna-be specialty drinker like me, your hot cocoa and snuggle up as we dive into what we’re up to at Sylvan Brandt!


– Dates To Keep In Mind –

  • Friday & Saturday, October 14th – While we will still be open, we will have very limited service due to the fact that the office and mill will be manned by just 1 person for this day only. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding service on this day.
  • Monday, October 30th – Christmas Yard Signs officially go on sale! (More info below)
  • Friday & Saturday, November 10th & 11th – Come celebrate Veterans Day with us as we offer 10% off to all active and retired military!
  • Thursday, November 23rd –  THANKSGIVING! We will be closed.


Sliding Barn Doors Are In!

If you haven’t heard, old fashioned sliding barn doors are trending right now. We’ve been making them for the past 2 years and would be honored to build you one! A few months ago we finished a double-thickness, with built in Z bar for a family’s new front door, and just this past week completed our latest interior, sliding barn door with the X design. Check it out!

Christmas Is Only 79 Days Away!

Christmas is closer then we’d think, but have no fear! We’ve got the signage to show your cheer! (Sorry, my rhyming isn’t up to par)

October is shaping up to be a BUSY month for us here at Sylvan Brandt and we are so grateful. We have new vendors moving into the Antiques Loft, 3 tables and one full kitchen countertop to build, along with 2,500+ square feet of flooring to make. In the same way that we feel blessed, we pray that you will experience a time of blessing in this season of thanksgiving.

Stay tuned! Next time on the blog we will reveal our company commercial that we’ve been working on! 🙂 

Thanks for following along!





What Is Going On?!

Hello friends! We’re so sorry that we’ve been silent for so long. Through personnel changes, websites changes, and being busy, busy, busy with orders we’ve let this blog slip. Please forgive us! So I, Tyler (Heyyyy!), thought that it would be appropriate to take this time to catch you up on all of the exciting projects that we’ve been involved in recently. Buckle up! It’s about to get CRAZY!

So we’re in the middle of September and the last time we posted was back in February! Oh my…a lot has happened since then, but I’ll try to simply highlight a few key projects.


Well, if you’ve never been to our site before you would’t know it, but this gorgeous site that you’re on is BRAND NEW. We spent a few months working with Sharp Innovations on a complete overhaul of our website. On May 26th, 2017 we launched the new site and have received great feedback so far. We would love for you to browse the site and give us any feedback…just keep your negative comments to yourself 😉 Just Kidding, we would appreciate ALL feedback as a way of improving our service to you!


In our last blog post back in February, we mentioned that we were donating a coffee table that we made from Reclaimed White Pine barn floor planks and roof rafters to the annual Lititz Christian School Gala and Auction that took place at the beautiful Brick Gables banquet facility here in Lititz, PA. The Brandt family has many connections to LCS so this event and school are dear to us. The night is designed as a fun, yet elegant way to help raise funds for the school. Items that were up for bid included a private flight to the Chesapeake Bay area, gifts baskets from Waltz Vineyards, a coffee and pastry party for the teachers, etc. I can’t remember the exact amount it raised, but the coffee table that we made (pictured below) raised around $1,100!


In addition to our new site, we spent a day with Cap Collective, a media production company based out of Harrisburg, PA, at one of our loyal customer’s house in Berwyn, PA. The goal of the day was to create a 30-60 second commercial for our business that we could add to our new website as well as use in advertising areas like movie theaters. While the video is basically done being edited, there are a few slight changes that are still in-process so stay tuned! We can’t wait to share it with you!


Ok, so you’ve got your beautiful reclaimed flooring full of rich history and character, but what about the cabinets in your home? Well, if you haven’t heard, we’ve been working with K&H Cabinet Company to create a line of reclaimed custom cabinetry. The MULTIPLE samples that they’ve made are breathtakingly beautiful and we finally have our vary own display area in our showroom!

K&H is about to embark on the first full reclaimed kitchen just like the cabinet pictured above, which is made from Oak Weatherboard (oak brown board/siding). The kitchen will only be installed later this year, so you’ll have to stick around to see the finished product 😉


I’ll conclude with this; we’ve been very busy this summer and feel so blessed to be a thriving reclaimed flooring mill in such a niche market. While flooring has always been our key product and still is, our table division has been exploding! So below I’m simply going to post a myriad of pictures of various projects that we’ve done this summer, both flooring and tables/countertops. Enjoy!

Ok, so hopefully that gets you up to speed on where we’re at. If you ever have any questions please email us at

Thanks for following along!

2017 is here!

Can you believe it is already 2017!?
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Customer Features!

Five days. Can you believe it?!  
Today we are sharing two different customer features with you, and by the looks of it, both customers are going to be putting their new projects to great use this holiday season.

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, a customer purchased some of our 2 inch thick White Pine barn floor planks. Since then he has been working on building a beautiful table for his family and last night he sent us some pictures. Isn’t it gorgeous?!
That table will be perfect for family and friends to gather around for a warm holiday dinner!
Next, up we have the perfect Pin Board window seat, and the best part (other than the wood 😉 )?! This window seat has secret storage underneath. Everyone loves extra storage! 

I love both projects and think the builders did an awesome job! 

What project have you been dreaming of tackling? How can we help?

Just a reminder, our holiday hours will be a little different. Click here to view a calendar of our changed holiday hours.
Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! We love and appreciate you all so very much!